Learning Enhancement Server

This server contains all of the hosted bespoke content created by the Media Production team inside Learning Enhancement & Innovation.

About the server

This server has been set up by the Online Programs Team within the Learning Enhancement & Innovation unit. This server consists of one test server (LOCO), and two mirrored servers (LTI-ADX) and has three categories of content: Learning Ehancement, AdelaideX MOOC content, and content made in collaboration with the UoA-Pearson Alliance.


Our development environments and documentation.


All of our code lives on GitLab and is accessible within the University after being given access.

Media Prod GitLab


If you're LEI-internal, our Confluence page holds more technical information about how and why we make these interactives and how these servers work.

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We store our files in a centralised Box folder used for re-usable Media Production content creation.

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